"Smart Phone"

Today my uncle called me and asked me where this good Pizza shop was
that he had experienced at my house some time before. He was walking
home from work. I couldn't remember the address but I told him not to
worry since I had my iPhone and he had his blacberry. So I looked up
the address on iPhone maps and found it in seconds, the address and
phone number. But how do I get this information to him?

First I tried to copy and paste the information into an email, oops,
the iPhone doesn't have copy and paste. So I figured that Apple must
have thought of a better way to use that information since they seem
to disapprove of it. I looked at the options for that information.
There was
No option to email the information, so the only thing relevant left
was to save the company information as a contact. Great! I thought,
apple doesn't allow Bluetooth file transfers on the phone but despite
the complaints from other people I realize Its unlikly apple will add
this feature because it's so much easier and faster to just email
files on the 3g networks these days. Bluetooth file transfers are like
the floppy disk.

So I save the info as a contact and switch to the address book app so
I can email that contact to my uncle. Oh wait, you can't!

So in my last throw of the dice I go to the app store in search of a
way to send my contact, thankfully I find just 1 little app. It costs
$1.20 but I grit my teeth and buy it. I finally am able to send the
contact 10 minutes and $1.20 later.

So much for a smart phone.

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