So, I'm typing this up on a wireless keyboard attached to my iPhone. It's a small keyboard but it's still at least 4 times the size of the phone. Is this excess taken to the next level? I'm thinking of writing my my next short film script entirely on my iPhone. Is using an external keyboard cheating though?

The one cool thing about this is that the iPhone and the keyboard are not burning my lap while I type. When I want to type stuff up on my laptop away from my desk I have to carry around a large coffee table book to sit the Macbook Pro on so that my legs are protected by its scorching hot heat. The battery will be lucky to last an hour with wireless on.

I have an iPad ordered, this wireless keyboard should be able to pair with that as well. Despite all the hype about it, what I'm most excited about is having a device that has 10 hours battery life that doesn't burn my lap. The new Macbook 13" is said to have 10 hours battery life but they seem to exaggerate these numbers on laptops. Most reviews of the iPad I have seen have suggested that the battery life is even better than 10 hours. The 13" Macbook Pro would still likely burn my legs.

The question is, will having bluetooth turned on in the iPad so that you can pair with your wireless keyboard greatly diminish the battery life of the device? Apparently if you buy the iPad camera adaptor it's essentially a usb port that will also allow you to plug in a usb keyboard to type with. Maybe I should have got that instead.

Hmm, it doesn't really matter, as long as I can get a solid 3 hours with wireless and bluetooth turned on I shall be happy. That's way better than what I currently have.

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